Contact Us to Build an Exciting New Career in Construction!

If you’re looking to start a new career, construction is a great choice! With so much new excavation and construction constantly taking place throughout Arkansas, there will always be plenty of highly-paid work available. With the right training, a new career with a great construction company is right around the corner!

When it comes to construction training, the Arkansas Construction Education Foundation offers programs that are second to none! We were established in 1993 as part of the Arkansas Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors, and our goal is to help individuals looking for advancement within the construction industry build careers. ACEF program participants receive a mix of classroom instruction and field experience working with Arkansas’ top construction companies, and all training is led by the most experienced professionals in the construction industry.

At ACEF, we’ve always known that quality construction comes from a well-trained workforce, and our mission is to get our students prepared. We enjoy placing career-minded individuals into rigorous apprenticeship training programs, and make sure that they’re exposed to all levels of the industry. Our courses are specifically designed to meet the educational needs of the contractor, subcontractor, tradesperson, and apprentice, and our state-of-the-art courses in management, job-site supervision, apprenticeship training, and safety will give you the foundation that you will need to start a great new career. But our programs don’t focus strictly on the technical aspects of construction: they’re also structured to reinforce a great work ethic. Construction companies love promoting from within, and once you complete our programs, you’ll have the both the knowledge and the attitude that you’ll need to apply to any construction company with confidence. And once you complete your apprenticeship, ACEF also provides the Continuing Education Units (CEUs) that your employers will require.

The demand for skilled craftspeople is great, and if you’re a hard worker that likes to work with your hands, the sky’s the limit! ACEF is committed to attracting the young, the career-displaced, and the economically disadvantaged to careers in the construction industry, and providing the career placement opportunities and information that they need to put them on track for employment and advancement in the construction industry.

For more information about our programs, contact us online, or at 501-372-1590.