Well-trained electricians are always in demand, and we can help you learn the trade!

Are you looking for a career that is fulfilling, pays well, and provides opportunities for advancement? Have you considered college but prefer more of a “hands on” field of study? Would you like to work in an industry that is always in demand no matter where you go in the world?

When you participate in the electrical programs offered through the Arkansas Construction Education Foundation, you’ll receive the very best in classroom instruction taught by some of the most respected and knowledgeable experts in the industry. You’ll also receive an immersive field experience that puts you in the heart of your chosen career path, and you will be carefully guided through every aspect of the trade.

At ACEF, our task-driven, modular training program combines illustrated materials with structured classroom activities, all led by experienced instructors that are certified through a Train-the-Trainer course of study. This helps to maximize your learning potential with high quality classroom exercises and hands-on field experience. To accommodate the need for flexibility for an electrical apprenticeship, ACEF study courses are designed to offer training for a single task or the entire craft.

The U.S. Department of Labor projects 9% growth in the field through 2026, making the electrical trades a steady, stable employment sector for the next decade, and likely continuing far into the future. Median earnings exceed $50,000 a year nationally and over $40,000 a year in Arkansas. By utilizing the electrical training offered through ACEF, you’ll be well-positioned for a lifetime career in a stable field that is always in demand, and virtually recession-proof.

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