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Alonzo Butler, II

  • Hometown: Kissimmee, FL
  • Employer: UA – Pulaski Technical College (NLR)
  • Trade: HVAC Tech
  • Goals: "For my short term goal, I would like to obtain my certification in HVAC and EPA. For my long term goal, I would like to start my own business."

News & Updates

Carpentry is a very rewarding career, and our team at ACEF is here to help you get started!

There are many people in Arkansas that are content to sit at a desk in an office all day, but if you’re someone that prefers to work with your hands, you’re not alone! In fact, since the way that we do business is constantly changing, there are many people who are a bit more old-fashioned, and prefer the stability of the skilled trades.

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Interested in learning more about the electrical industry? You’ve come to the right place!

With so much new construction taking place in The Natural State, becoming an electrician means having your choice of steady, high-paying work. The demand for skilled tradespeople is at an all-time high, and continuing to grow! The U.S. Department of Labor projects 9% growth in the field through 2026, and median earnings in Arkansas exceed $40,000 a year!

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Arkansas continues to grow by leaps and bounds, and so does the demand for skilled construction workers!

If you’re interested in a rewarding new career, you can’t go wrong with a construction apprenticeship! Arkansas continues to experience unprecedented growth, and no matter where you travel throughout the state, you’ll see new public buildings, shopping centers, and infrastructure under construction. Arkansas’ top construction companies are busier than they’ve ever been, and are desperately looking to fill hundreds of jobs. If you have the proper road and building construction training, those jobs will be yours for the asking!

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