Looking for a cool new job? Become an HVAC Technician!

There’s an old joke about Arkansas weather having three seasons: January, February, and summer. There’s another one about Arkansans running their heating and air conditioning at different times during the same day. Whatever the case, we can all agree that our household comfort systems are extremely important. As anyone who’s ever had an air conditioner quit working in the middle of summer will tell you, they would pay almost anything to someone who can get it restored quickly. If you’re an individual who’s looking for a high-paying career, it definitely gets you thinking. In fact, According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (bls.gov) new openings in the HVAC industry will increase by 21 percent through 2022, and there are presently thousands of unfilled HVAC jobs available throughout the United States. HVAC technicians earn a median income of nearly $44,000 annually, with some earning over $70,000 a year.

The Arkansas Construction Education Foundation (ACEF) was created in 1994 to fill the increasing demand for skilled trade professionals, and we offer numerous trade apprenticeships in plumbing, carpentry, electrical services, construction, and HVAC, all led by the most experienced professionals in the state. Our HVAC Apprenticeship programs will prepare you to enter the workforce with extensive knowledge of the design, implementation, and maintenance of various heating and cooling systems, as well as the importance of the ventilation system. Our HVAC training programs are certified by the U.S. Department of Labor, recognized by the Arkansas Department of Career Education, and accredited by the National Center for Construction Education and Research. The NCCER curriculum is an innovative program that’s designed for success, no matter what your learning style might be. You’ll receive a combination of rigorous classroom instruction, and extensive field experience, all delivered in your local community.

At ACEF, we’re always looking for career-driven self-starters that enjoy working with both their hands and their heads, and our graduates often have job offers in hand as soon as they complete their studies. We are proud to partner with Arkansas’ top contractors, and they love hiring our graduates because they have a great work ethic, and are ready to work on day one!

For more information on our HVAC technician training program, or any of our other program offerings, contact us online or at (501) 372-1590.