You’d be shocked to learn how fast that career opportunities in the electrical field are growing!

The future is exciting, but definitely unpredictable. 50 years ago, people thought that we’d be driving flying cars and using jetpacks to get around at this point, but that didn’t quite happen. The same can be said for the future of employment. High tech jobs continue to change, and many are being shipped overseas to save money on labor costs, or simply eliminated and absorbed into other jobs.

The good news is that the demand for skilled tradespeople is at an all-time high, and continuing to grow! Entering an apprentice electrician program is a great investment in your future, with a lot of great opportunities for a great new career! According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s projections, licensed electrician jobs will experience 9% growth through 2026, and median earnings for electricians in Arkansas currently exceed $40,000 a year!

If you’re interested in learning more about a career as an electrician, The Arkansas Construction Education Foundation is always a phone call away! In addition to our electrical apprenticeships, we offer training programs in numerous skilled trades, including Plumbing, Carpentry, HVAC, Electronic Systems Technology, Building Maintenance, and Industrial Maintenance. We’re always looking for self-starters who enjoy working with both their hands and their heads, and are ready to help you take your first steps toward an exciting new career!

Our Electrician Apprenticeship is a four-year program that includes 640 hours of classroom instruction at your choice of several Arkansas Electrical Training centers, and 8,000 hours of on-the-job training in the field. All of our apprenticeship courses are recognized by the Arkansas Department of Career Education, and accredited by the National Center for Construction Education and Research. The innovative NCCER curriculum includes a combination of knowledge-based exams and a “hands-on” performance evaluation that will test your skills in an authentic setting. Once you complete your Electrical Apprenticeship, you will then be granted a “release to test,” and can submit your application to sit for the journeyman electrician’s exam.

We also offer career placement services, but many of our graduates find jobs right away at the companies where they apprenticed, and employers consistently comment on how well-prepared that our graduates are starting on their very first day!

For more information on any of our programs at ACEF, contact us online or at (501) 372-1590.